Testimonials: Schools


Empowering and Building Emotionally Resilient Teenagers are topics that many professional teachers and caring, committed parents/carers are passionately interested in. Our young generation can all too easily experience a sense of hopelessness in their lives and feel powerless to do anything about it. Many children faced with stresses in life do not cope as well as they could. Underachieving teenagers and those who suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, acute behavioural problems and substance abuse are common in society. However, when teenagers gain a greater understanding of themselves and their place and purpose in the world, and how they can bring about positive changes in themselves and those around them, they can become empowered, resilient and high-achieving individuals.

Michael is available to speak at your school over one or two days.

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Michael can speak to your Year 12 Cohort, and share his life story at your school assembly and/or any group of your choice, including Year 12 English, and a 60 min presentation after school to Staff and Parents entitled; ‘Empowering and Building Emotionally Resilient Teenagers.’ Michael also addresses the important issues of bullying and helping students find their place in the world. Michael will donate to the school two signed copies of Journey of Hope for your library if you invite him to speak.

"What a pleasure it was to have Dr Michael Davey address a room full of special educators about the significance and importance of their roles in the lives of their students. Michael truly understands the value of teachers as contributors to the development of a functional, compassionate and safe society and addresses some of teaching’s most challenging aspects in relation to student welfare and support in a humorous, engaging and sensitive way. His message of hope was clear… Teachers do make a difference and their positive influence can last a lifetime."

Melinda Field.
Assistant Principal, Mainsbridge School, Sydney

Michael Davey is an engaging and humorous speaker. He recently delivered a seminar to our Year 11 & 12 students about his Journey of Hope. Michael’s story is inspirational and he handled himself with great professionalism, which immediately gained the respect of our 100+ students.

Daniel Jackson.
Stage 6 Welfare Event Organiser, Richard Johnson Anglican School, Sydney

Michael spoke at our High School Assembly for Senior School and our students were inspired by his around-Australia pushbike ride for The Kids With Cancer Foundation. Michael’s life story is also an inspiration to all who have suffered adversity in life. I thoroughly commend Michael as a motivational speaker.

David Hamaty.
Head of School, Nowra Anglican College, NSW

When Dr Michael Davey spoke to our Year 11 cohort at Mount Lilydale Mercy College they warmed to his sense of humour immediately. Our students found his story engaging and sat respectfully to hear his ‘Journey of Hope’. Michael’s life is an inspiration to us all. He spoke clearly and aware of his audience. Michael handled our 200 students with professionalism and respect. His message of hope was extremely well received.

Steve Palmer.
Mount Lilydale Mercy College, Victoria

Thirty-seven Bluescope apprentices – 36 males and one female – at 8am in the morning! That’s a tough gig for anyone. But apparently not for Michael Davey! From the first moment, Michael was able to captivate all the students in the room – and me. He had us laughing at his impersonations, relaxing and warming to him before he stepped easily from the comic to the tough, real and confronting side of his presentation. Michael speaks with such openness, honesty and warmth that even when the subject matter is almost too confronting you feel as though he is guiding you through it with an empathetic and loving hand. He takes care of us as he tells his story – not an easy feat. Michael’s story is totally inspiring and radiant with joy and love. It was amazing to see all the ‘tough’ guys (and girl) in the room totally present and engaged with him. It was also wonderful to see them afterwards, their chairs drawn into a circle around him, continuing to discuss the issues that had so enthralled them. I would recommend Michael as a speaker to anyone who wants to find someone who can motivate, challenge and touch an audience. He is a truly remarkable man who is brave enough to share a story that can inspire anyone to want to live a better life.

Ann Burbrook.
Coordinator Bluescope Apprentice Pastoral Care Program – Wollongong TAFE