Journey of Charity

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In 2014/15, Michael rode his pushbike solo around Australia to raise much-needed funds for the Kids With Cancer Foundation. Michael rode 14,000 km and raised $51,000 for children suffering cancer and their families. Journey of Charity has blogs and photographs of Michael’s ride and you can learn more about his marathon journey.

Scroll down for photographs of Michael's ride

Check out Michael’s pushbike ride around Australia:

Collecting on the main street of Mount Isa. Man it was hot. I had two radio interviews which always helped with PR, an important aspect of raising funds.
A much needed recovery session on the side of the highway. Lots of fluid and food. Coming down the coast of Western Australia.
Down the very bottom of Western Australia. The following day, on the way to Esperance, was the windiest day of the trip.
After riding 300 kilometres in the one day, I danced from one side of the highway to the other. The Eyre Highway, 34 kilometres before the Madura Roadhouse.
The Nullarbor Roadhouse. A whale sanctuary at the Head of The Bight was only a few kilometres further along the highway and I dropped in to see a few real-life whales. The spot didn't disappoint.
Having a chat with a couple of new-found friends. I did all the talking. Near Elliston on the Eyre Peninsula.
South Australia had an unending display of gorgeous rainbows. On the Eyre Highway near Yalata.
A Tasmanian Devil near Launceston. I had no idea they grew that large!

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