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I recently heard Michael Davey deliver a powerful and highly moving keynote at the ‘Tell Someone Who Cares’ Conference at Darling Harbour, Sydney. As well as deploying his considerable skill as a speaker, in order to engage the very large audience, he captured their imagination and their hearts in a way that only the most authentic and powerful speakers can; his story is an inspiration, but the way he conveys it is inspirational! Michael has that rare ability to provoke and entertain, leaving his audience with so much to take away. I would urge everyone to hear Michael at least once in their lives as it could well change the way they decide to live it!

Sincerely yours,

Richard Gerver
International Keynote Speaker, Author, Broadcaster.

Dr Michael Davey spoke brilliantly at RAAF Base Williamtown during the ‘Stay Connected’ Mental Health Conference. As the coordinator of the event I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback from Defence staff at all levels who attended the seminar. Michael’s ability to relate to a broad audience was outstanding, speaking to both leaders and individuals throughout the day. He had everyone’s attention for a full 60 minutes of each session. I highly recommend Michael as a speaker at any occasion.

Former Squadron Leader Sam Hays.
RAAF Base, Williamtown

Michael Davey was the keynote at the NSW Family Day Care Association’s Annual Professional Development and Networking Forum in Sydney. The room was captivated by Michael’s presence, words and story from beginning to end. His achievements and outlook on life is a testament to him and his ability to overcome insurmountable odds, sorrow and tragedy. This alone would have left the delegates inspired and quite in awe of what he has accomplished, yet for many this is not only what stood out for them. The buzz after he spoke, the conversations and feedback received all praised Michael for his clear understanding of family day care and the value he placed on our roles as staff and educators. He reinforced for many of us how important we can be in the lives of children and that what we do makes a difference.

Lisa Wilson.
Acting Professional Services Manager, NSW Family Day Care Association

I have read Michael’s book, Journey of Hope, and it’ s awesome! I loved his seminar at the Tell Someone Who Cares Conference in Darling Harbour, Sydney. I hope I get to see and hear him speak again – Michael is absolutely inspirational!

Amera Eid.
Foster Care Support Manager, Lifestyle Solutions (Aust) Ltd

I heard Michael Davey deliver a powerful seminar at our National Gideons Convention in Albury, NSW. It was evident from the beginning that Michael is a very accomplished and engaging public speaker. Throughout his presentation, Michael captivated his audience and we were hanging off his every word, mesmerised by his story. His ability to connect in the way he does is remarkable. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone in need of an inspirational motivational speaker – his story and his delivery style are compelling.

David Sutherland.
President, Gideons Australia

I had the pleasure of attending the Central Coast Friends Association mid-year dinner with guest speaker Dr Michael Davey at a Ourimbah Campus of Newcastle University. Michael is one of the best speakers I have heard and I could have listened to him for hours. He had the audience in the palm of his hand and inspired us with stories about his life. I came away from the night truly inspired.

Kathryn McGilvray.
TAFE teacher and eLearning consultant

Dr Michael Davey delivered an outstanding Mental Health Awareness training package to my staff. His ability to sensitively impart knowledge and awareness of mental health issues is impressive. Michael’s willingness to share his journey uplifted many and challenged us all to take better care of ourselves and our mates.

Thank you Michael!

Squadron Leader Alyssa Badgery.
41 TIF Commander, 87 Squadron

As part of the National Year of Reading, Michael Davey, one of our local Reading Ambassadors, attended the South Coast Correctional Centre to share the importance and value of reading with 25 maximum security inmates. I watched as Michael engaged in a sensitive and light-hearted way with men who had witnessed and been party to, some of the most distressing aspects of life. Michael was able to draw them into his story of struggle and hardship, which was underpinned by messages of hope and resilience. This was not your typical audience and Michael was able to rise to the occasion by building a truthful and trusting environment. By the end of his talk the men were sharing their own stories with us. Michael was able to instil in the group feelings of possibility and opportunity, and a sense that with some hard work and commitment to change, our lives can be more fulfilling and purposeful. I highly recommend Michael as a speaker at any occasion.

Ms Robin Sharpe.
Outreach Services Manager and Shoalhaven City Librarian

It was an absolute treat having Michael Davey come and speak at Wollongong TAFE Library as part of Library and Information week. Michael’s ability to draw the audience in with humour and keep them engrossed while tackling some very confronting issues was a privilege to watch. TAFE has a diverse community and Michael was able to draw them all in regardless of background or cultural differences – he commanded the audience the entire time. The message that comes from Michael’s talk is positive and full of hope and the feedback we received illustrates that his message was both meaningful and powerful. I highly recommend Michael as a speaker.

Yours sincerely,

Liza Allen.
Librarian, Wollongong Campus Library TAFE NSW – Illawarra Institute

I was invited to hear Michael Davey speak in Melbourne. I was so impressed that I invited him back to share his life story at our Steps To Life depression recovery clinic. I also wanted to film Michael and produce a DVD of his testimony. Michael shared his story of childhood abuse, with its resulting depression and anxiety. For those whose experience this, it takes a lot of courage to deal with their past and talk publicly about the trauma they experienced. Michael was able to do this exceptionally well. He also skilfully empowered our audience to face their demons while seeking help. Michael’s Journey of Hope is deeply moving and truly inspirational. His clear message is that despite what happens to us in life we can always act to take charge of our future. If you haven’t heard Michael speak you should definitely put it on your ‘to do’ list!

Brian Way, retired secondary school principal.
CEO – Steps To Life, Mt Lilydale, Victoria

What a pleasure it was to have Dr Michael Davey address a room full of special educators about the significance and importance of their roles in the lives of their students. Michael truly understands the value of teachers as contributors to the development of a functional, compassionate and safe society and addresses some of teaching’s most challenging aspects in relation to student welfare and support in a humorous, engaging and sensitive way. His message of hope was clear…Teachers do make a difference and their positive influence can last a lifetime.

Melinda Field.
Assistant Principal, Mainsbridge School, Sydney